BubbleMod 2.2.3b  9/2/2003  [ZIP]
  7.52 MB 
 Eggplant! Full install for BubbleMod 2.2.3b.

Includes both Windows and Linux binaries, documentation, examples, maps, source code, and some contributed applications.


 BubbleMod 2.3.0 Alpha  5/4/2008  [ZIP]
  1.06 MB 
 Eggplant! The most recent alpha build of 2.3.0. Build number 2006071221. These files replace certain files in the 2.2.3b package, so you will need both for a full installation.


 Metamod 1.17.1  8/8/2004  [ZIP]
  596.91 KB 
 Will Day Metamod 1.17.1 with BubbleMod 2.2.3 entities. This archive contains both Windows .dll and an x86 Linux .so drop-in replacements for the original Metamod files, and should work with any BubbleMod version 2.2.3.b or lower.


 Metamod 1.19 for 2.3.0  5/4/2008  [ZIP]
  3.10 MB 
 Will Day Metamod 1.19 with BubbleMod 2.3.0 alpha entities.